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Our Team

Local Teachers Who Are in the Classroom Every Day


Izrael Rothenberg

Founder & Lead Instructor

Izrael Rothenberg brings 9 years of teaching experience to Velocity Learning. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. 


For 4 years, he taught 5th grade math, science, reading, and social studies, providing a comprehensive education to his students. He then transitioned to teaching 4th grade for 2 years, further honing his instructional skills.​ 


Izrael worked as a math and reading interventionist with Catapult Learning, where he provided targeted support to students who needed additional assistance in these subjects. This experience allowed him to develop specialized strategies to address individual student needs and foster academic growth.

Izrael also served as a math interventionist at Altamonte Elementary, focusing on students in grades 3 to 5. In this role, he worked closely with students who required extra support in math, helping them build a strong foundation and improve their mathematical skills.

Izrael is deeply passionate about fostering a love for math and helping students succeed academically. He believes in creating a positive and engaging learning environment where students feel comfortable asking questions, exploring concepts, and embracing challenges. Izrael's expertise lies in designing targeted interventions, implementing effective instructional strategies, and providing differentiated support to meet the diverse needs of his students.


Stacy Escobedo


Stacy Escobedo is an accomplished educator with a strong academic background. She holds a Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, demonstrating her expertise in designing effective educational programs. Stacy also possesses a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, with a Minor in Exceptional Education, which equips her with the knowledge and skills to support diverse learners.

Stacy's diverse professional experience has enriched her teaching approach and contributed to her well-rounded expertise.

Stacy excelled as a Fourth Grade Math and Science Teacher at Wicklow Elementary School in Sanford. Her experience in this role allowed her to develop a strong foundation in delivering comprehensive math and science instruction while fostering a positive classroom environment.

As a Support Facilitator for Kindergarten, Stacy designed and implemented lessons for students in need of additional services. She worked both in push-in and pull-out contexts, providing targeted support and ensuring students received the necessary resources for success.

Stacy served as a Teaching Assistant in a Lower Elementary classroom at Lake Mary Montessori Academy. She supported the Lower Elementary teacher by leading individual and small group lessons, providing valuable student feedback through grading and consulting, and maintaining a conducive learning environment.

At Odyssey Charter School in Palm Bay, FL, Stacy specialized in math and science instruction as a Third Grade Teacher. She collaborated with English language arts co-teachers to manage the classroom effectively and deliver engaging lessons aligned with third-grade standards.

Stacy is dedicated to providing a student-centered learning experience that promotes academic growth, fosters critical thinking, and nurtures a love for learning. She believes in differentiating instruction to meet individual student needs, incorporating innovative strategies, and creating a positive and inclusive classroom environment.

With her strong educational background, extensive teaching experience across different grade levels and subjects, and commitment to student development, Stacy is an invaluable asset to the Velocity Learning team.

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