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JULY 17-21
JULY 24-28



1.  Classroom-Tested Strategies


Izrael Rothenberg, founder of Velocity Learning, dedicated himself to finding evidence-based strategies for helping students conquer multiplication facts after becoming disheartened to see large numbers of his students, year after year, struggle to remember their facts. After extensive research and trial-and-error, Izrael discovered methods that have proven highly effective in his own classroom. The strategies implemented in this bootcamp have helped numerous students achieve true mastery over multiplication facts, and they can help your child, too!

2.  Scaffolded Challenges


One of the key strengths of this camp lies in its carefully scaffolded challenges. The bootcamp features a progression of challenges that start off easy and gradually increase in difficulty. This approach motivates students by providing them with tasks that are within their capabilities while still posing a meaningful challenge. As they progress through the bootcamp, students experience a sense of accomplishment and are motivated to work hard, building their confidence and resilience in mastering multiplication facts.

3.  Targeted Approach


The Times Tables Chart contains 100 facts! You may think, how can a child memorize so many facts? The good news is, students only need to learn 38 of those facts! The 1s, 2s, 10s, and 11s are fairly easy for most kids. Of those that remain, half of them are duplicates (e.g. 5 x 7 and 7 x 5). This camp adopts a targeted approach and concentrates solely on the 38 essential facts that students truly need to master. By focusing on these key facts, the bootcamp ensures that no time is wasted on redundant or unnecessary content.


Multiplication Fact Bootcamp is a 5-day virtual camp designed to develop students' automaticity with the multiplication facts. Each day, students engage with a new set of facts (while reviewing previously learned facts) by completing three different challenges. Each challenge consists of three rounds, increasing in difficulty as students move from one round to the next. 

Multiplication Mastery Challenge

The first challenge is called Multiplication Mastery Challenge. At the beginning of the challenge, students will be shown just one multiplication fact with the answer. They will then have to recall that fact from memory and record their answer on their virtual whiteboard. Then they will be shown a new fact along with the previous fact, and the process will repeat. Students will keep being exposed to new facts while practicing recalling the previous facts. This progressive nature helps consolidate their learning and builds upon their existing knowledge, promoting long-term retention.

Multiplication Facts Boot Camp - Day 1 - Multiplication Mastery Challenge.png

Fact Puzzle Challenge

The second challenge is called Fact Puzzle Challenge. In this challenge, students are shown mismatched factors and products in multiplication triangles. Students must rearrange the numbers so that the factors and products are correctly matched. This activity provides a visual and interactive way for students to engage with multiplication facts. The triangle structure organizes the factors and products in a clear and structured manner, making it easier for students to understand the relationships between them. 


Fact Family Challenge

The third challenge is called Fact Family Challenge. In this challenge, students have the opportunity to explore the connections within fact families while reinforcing their retention of multiplication facts. They are given a series of multiplication facts with the answers. Below each multiplication fact, students find blanks where they must complete the other multiplication and division equations that belong to the fact family. By providing the answers to the initial multiplication facts, students can focus on identifying and completing the missing equations.


Completing the other multiplication and division equations in a fact family requires students to apply their knowledge of multiplication and division. They must recognize the relationships between the numbers and determine the missing factors and products. This process engages their problem-solving skills and reinforces their understanding of multiplication operations.


Challenge Points

After each challenge, students are awarded points. At the end of each session, students can see how many points they racked up for that day, motivating them to continue working hard to complete challenges.


At the end of the bootcamp, students receive a digital certificate of completion to commemorate their achievements.

Camp Sessions

The bootcamp is divided into two main sessions. You may enroll your child in one or both sessions. 

Session A: July 17-21
Session B: July 24-28

Each day, camp runs from 4:00-4:50 pm.

To enroll your child, simply click "Enroll Now" under your preferred session. If you would like to enroll your child in both sessions, click "Add to Cart" on the Enrollment Form so that you can add the other session before checking out.

After completing the enrollment form, you'll receive a confirmation email with the Zoom link for daily session access.

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