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We are so excited that you are interested in enrolling your child in our classes! Before you begin browsing through our available classes, briefly take a look at the different parts of each class listing: 


Class Name: This is the name of the class. It represents the main topic that will be covered in each class session. 

Class Types



Math Mastery classes at Velocity Learning are specifically designed to align with what students are currently learning in their classrooms.


These classes serve as a supplement to classroom instruction, reinforcing key concepts and providing additional practice opportunities. Our experienced instructors work closely with the Seminole & Orange County Public Schools curriculums to ensure seamless integration, helping students gain a deeper understanding of current topics and achieve mastery.


Math Refresh classes at Velocity Learning are tailored to address concepts taught previously but may have become hazy in students' memories over time.


We understand that math skills require continuous practice to maintain proficiency, and our Math Refresh classes provide the perfect opportunity for students to revisit and reinforce these essential concepts.


With the guidance of our experienced instructors, students engage in targeted review and practice, ensuring a solid grasp of previously learned math skills.


In this class, students will gain true mastery of place value by practicing reading and writing numbers in various forms, exploring the relationship between the digits in a number, and rounding whole numbers to a given place value.

Aug 14 - Aug 30

Mon., Wed.


Math Refresh

Textbook Correlation: GR 4, Topic 1

Whole-Number Place Value

Aug 15 - Sept 5

Mon., Wed.


Math Refresh

In this class, students will grasp the fundamental concept of decimal place value, including the role of the decimal point, the significance of digits in different positions, and the relationship between decimal and whole numbers. Students will learn to accurately read and write decimal numbers, develop the ability to compare and order decimal numbers using comparison symbols (<,>,=), and solve real-world problems involving decimal place value. 

Textbook Correlation: GR 5, Topic 1

Decimal Place Value

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